Alexis Barlatier portfolio


I created this website to present a part of my works and manage my internet identity.

Feel free to explore my works and contact me.


Une Semaine, un Chapitre

February 2007 - Now...

Une semaine, un chapitre is a blog about culture. I'm in charge of technic and design.
Concerning technical aspects, I used a CMS (dotclear) with extensions in order to improve user experience. I took the header picture to build a whole new template.
60.000 unique users visit it every month.


Une Semaine, une Musique

April 2009 - Now...

Une semaine, une musique is a blog dedicated to music trends, especially pop.
I created a light and sober style to keep music essential. The community is growing fast as we are gonna have new writers joining the team in september.
I manage this project since its creation.



Launch time : early september

AlloBo is a website dealing with movie soundtracks. It's a user generated content website where you can add your favorite soundtracks and discuss about them.
I'm currently developing facebook and twitter pages : the marketing launch is planned for early september. I created the wireframe and the design in communication with the developper.


Location dordogne le Rambert

September 2005 - Now...

This project was made for "Le Rambert" : a family house in Dordogne which is rent during the year.

I made the website to increase the offer visibility.
The house is rent every year thanks to efficient "Search Engine Optimisation".